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Buyers Accepted Offer Checklist

  • Bring in Deposit Cheque as per contract.
  • Arrange Financing. It’s a good idea to be prompt with making arrangements with the bank in case there are unforeseen delays or they require extra information.
  • Arrange Home Inspection. Once you choose an Inspector and arrange a convenient time for the walk-through appointment with the inspector, let Sandra know and she will arrange the inspection and walkthrough with the Seller.
  • Arrange Property Insurance. Bring a property feature sheet into the insurance company to get a quote and approval for Property Insurance. It’s a good idea to obtain approval right away in case there are unforeseen issues. Insurance companies are much fussier about new policies and may have issues with older plumbing, roofs, wood heat etc.
  • Satisfy any other conditions that you may have put on the contract for example, water potability tests for rural homes, or professional advice.
  • Sign off Subject Conditions by their due date. You are not required to provide any proof that your subject conditions are met, you only need to sign the Subject removal form that Sandra will provide. All conditions must be signed off by their due date or the contract will be void.

After Subject Conditions are Removed

  • Choose a Lawyer or Notary to represent you, if you haven't already. Then give Sandra the name and she will arrange to have all documents forwarded on your behalf. The property transfer documents need to be witnessed by a lawyer, so you will need to be available for an appointment on or just before the Completion date. At that time you will need to bring the remainder of your down payment to your lawyer.
  • Property/Fire Insurance. Make sure your new home insurance policy starts the day before the Completion date so there is some overlap. You will have to pay the premium before the Completion date.
  • Contact all utilities and arrange your new accounts for Hydro, Gas, Phone, Internet, TV, etc.
  • Change mailing address if necessary. Smithers and Telkwa residents have post office boxes and rural residents have neighbourhood rural boxes.

Download a PDF copy of this Checklist

Buyers Accepted Offer Checklist