April 12, 2013

Home Warranty Guide

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The Home Owners Protection  Office now has a comprehensive guide to what to expect from your home warranty in regards to  what is covered and how your home should perform.  There are exact specification for everything even how big a drywall crack can be.  Check it out if you own a newer home or are thinking about purchasing one.  Home Warranty Guide

March 14, 2013

Regional District’s Mapping Website

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The Regional District of Bulkley Nechako now has a mapping web page.     It shows  all legal titles and status of properties.   The maps can be overlaid on Bing Aerial Maps or BC Imagery so you can see aerial photography and lot lines at the same time.   It is amazing and easy to use,  if you have problems call me and I can quickly get you on the right track.   Just follow this   Link  to get started.

Sandra   Ph. 250-847-0725

June 5, 2013

BCNREB News Release

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News Release

The 10th annual Housing Affordability Study has been released by the BC Northern Real Estate Board (“BCNREB”).  As with years prior, the study shows that northern communities continue to be affordable places to buy single detached family homes.  BCNREB reports that the costs in Northern BC are about 31.6% of median family income compared to 66.4% for the entire province.

The index shows the ratio of pre-tax median family income required to purchase an average single family detached house in 2013 (plus taxes and utilities).  It is based on a 5 year fixed mortgage rate with a 25% down payment.

Despite dramatic average house price increases across northern British Columbia since the first housing affordability study was completed in 2003, owning a home in the northern and north central region consumes a much smaller percentage of household income compared with the burden of home ownership in Vancouver.  For 2012, the Housing Affordability Index (HAI) for Northern British Columbia was 31.6% compared with 82.2% for Vancouver.

Our members are committed to improving the Quality of Life in their communities. The BC Northern Real Estate Board supports growth which encourages economic vitality, provides housing opportunities and builds communities with good schools and safe neighbourhoods. The REALTOR® members of the BC Northern Real Estate Board serve the real estate needs of the communities from Fort Nelson in the north to 100 Mile House in the south and from the Alberta border to Haida Gwaii.


Note: The entire report is attached in Adobe Acrobat format. Please refer to it for details by community.   Housing Affordability Report


Alexandra S. Goseltine ,  Executive Officer

BC Northern Real Estate Board, 2609 Queensway, Prince George, BC V2L 1N3

250-563-1236 or 800-663-8299

Twitter: @BCNREB

February 6, 2013

Rural Tax Calculator link

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I just added another handy link to my Useful Links page.   It’s a rural property tax calculator.  See all my Useful Links and find all sorts of government and handy websites on topics that range from floodplain to Property Transfer tax or go straight to the Calculator and check out what the taxes would be on the new house you are planning.

January 31, 2013

8 Easy Steps to Home Staging

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  1. Clear a path. Walk through the home as if you were viewing it for the very first time. Can you easily get from room to room? Is there an inviting flow throughout the space? If not, rearrange furniture so it is easier to tour. This may require placing large or redundant pieces in storage.
  2. Clear the counters. This is one of the hardest steps for most sellers, but it can also make the biggest difference. Buyers are looking for a clean slate and lots of space, so it’s important to keep surfaces clear. Put necessary objects – like keys and pens – in appealing baskets or tins for the duration of the sale. Remind your clients that how you live in a home and how you sell a home are two very different things.
  3. Make it sparkle. You can’t underestimate the value of a good, deep clean. Gleaming windows and shining stainless translate to “move-in ready” for potential buyers. Urge your sellers to hire a service, and arrive for showings early to make sure beds are made and floors are swept.
  4. Don’t forget the closets. Buyers are nosy and will peek inside closets. After all, storage space is one of a home’s most valued features. Make sure your sellers aren’t cramming their cupboards full. Encourage them to organize their closets and get a storage unit to hold overflow, if needed. As an added benefit, it will make the move easier when their home sells.
  5. Limit family photos. Home staging creates an environment that welcomes potential buyers to mentally move in. Tons of photos of someone else’s family can impede on that vision. Remove all but a few family photos. Whenever possible, be sure to completely clear the fridge door, too.
  6. De-scent and re-scent. You love animals. The seller loves animals. But buyers don’t always love animals. So if your listing smells like pets (or smoke), air it out then use this handy trick to clear stale scents. Place two capfuls of vanilla extract in a coffee cup, then place it in the oven at 300 degrees for one hour. Within twenty minutes the whole place will smell heavenly.
  7. Let there be light. Throw back the curtains! Disobey your father and leave the lights on in every room. Bring in more lamps, if you can. Light sells houses. No one wants to buy a dark, dingy cave. Well, almost no one… Shrek might, but he’s probably not your average buyer.
  8. There’s power in flowers. Don’t forget the finishing touches: a potted plant by the front door, a cheery arrangement highlighting a window with a view, even a single flower in a bud vase can brighten up a bathroom vanity. Live plants are a breath of fresh air in any home (just please skip their silk and plastic counterparts).


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